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Wooden Toys Are A Natural Choice - Why Wooden Toys Are the Future

Whenever we think about what is best for health, whether that’s our mental health or physical health, we think about products and experiences that are closest to nature. Food, for example, is healthiest when it comes from nature with minimal additives and processing. The same applies to products that we use in our day-to-day lives. We are designed to live in harmony with our environment and nature supplies an array of materials that, not only provide a direct link from us to our environment but, also do the least harm.

Parents and caregivers now more than ever are cognizant of this and are making choices that meet the learning needs of their child. They also want to protect the earth so that it continues to support our population well into the future. 

Wooden toys are a natural choice (excuse the pun) in many ways. Nature produces hardwood that is ideal for producing durable toys, this combined with non-toxic paints and natural finishes mean that eventually, provided the necessary conditions can biodegrade and return to nature. Plastic does not have the same qualities, most plastics used in toy production are not recyclable and are extremely difficult to dispose of, leaching toxic chemicals into the environment in the process. 

The World Health Organisation and many international bodies report on the impact our choices are making on the environment. This is causing many businesses and households to reconsider their choices, and when it comes to innovative new materials they simply don’t compare to what already exists in nature. Wooden toys have been tried and tested, they are educational and their simplicity creates meaningful and lasting learning experiences for your child. Wooden learning tools allow children to engage their brain, search for solutions and think of creative ideas. They engage in the activity without becoming socially withdrawn or overstimulated which electronic toys have the potential to do. 

Wooden toys are not only the present and future but also, play a role in creating a better future for our children and the environment.